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When you ask your neighbor in Eagan, MN who installed their Replacement Windows. You will surely hear them say Showcase Builders. With 30 years in the business you can count on a seamless customer experience that your neighbors will gladly tell you about.  You won't see over the top commercials or hear us on the radio. Our marketing comes from our customers whom love telling their neighbors, friends and family about their window replacement experience. We offer window options that are Energy Star which helps with heat and air leakage. We will be glad to help you more understand what all goes into the energy efficient levels for each window we install. 
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it was great working with you

Jane Coughlan, Minneapolis

Vinyl Replacement Windows

Giving your exterior that look to stand out and be its own style requires a consultation with Showcase Builders to present to you the perfect Vinyl window option for your Eagan, MN home. We work with major brands like Hayfield and Marvin to offer the endless combinations of styles, colors and function. We provide every project with our excellent workmanship. We take pride in matching the premium vinyl window with our premium installation from our skilled installers who have been with us since day one. Not too many companies can say that so trusting us with your home won't have you second guessing whether or not to go with our services. A complete transformation of an exterior not only leaves our customers with the utmost satisfaction but we at Showcase Builders go forth with pleasure knowing we completed another project with that small business customer service and big business products and installation that we've continually been doing for 20 years. Finding the best vinyl window that is durable and has many benefits is only half the equation. Having it professionally installed brings out the best in that product. 
No matter what you're in the market for, Showcase Builders brings the many styles in all Major Brands for windows to all of the Eagan, MN area. 30 years of experience comes to your home with a free estimate to show you how the look and function of a new window can make on your home. The customer service upfront is complemented with professional installation from our crew that has been with us from day one. As a homeowner you might find it difficult and overwhelming trying to figure out what to do with your damaged or outdated windows. First you search DIY window installation, how to install your own window, or cheapest way to get new windows. You decide to try it yourself because you saw an excellent tutorial on YouTube so you go down to the local hardware store and look at their selection. You see sale prices and intriguing features with stickers all over the windows. You are confused but the only guy who knows enough about windows to make a smart decision is helping someone pick out a new grill. You just wasted time watching that tutorial and the trip down to the store to leave yourself frustrated. The next day you see a company in your neighborhood, so you decide to go ask them about maybe getting a quote. The crew isn't friendly and points to the truck to call the office. You already have a bad first impression but you call anyway. A secretary answers the phone and isn't knowledgeable enough to answer your questions because she only directs calls. The main contractor finally is talking to you and getting you all the info you need but then tells you to talk to the secretary again to set up an appointment. You have lost interest in working with this zoo of a business. You begin searching online and realizing you see the big business that probably has the same setup that you previous experienced. 
STOP your search and dealing with big business that treats you like a number. Showcase Builders gives you direct contact to setup appointments with the owner Brad Ervin.

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