Burnsville Replacement Windows


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working with showcase builders was the best experience

Jane Coughlin | Minneapolis

Burnsville Replacement Windows

Are your windows letting cool or warm air into your home? Showcase Builders provides energy efficient replacement windows to the Burnsville, MN area. If you base your search on just cheapest window, you won't get the benefits of the long term savings. We will work with you to find the best option within your budget. We give you choices on all Major Brands so there will be a window that will be a perfect fit. When it comes to longevity we won't leave you with the worry that installation was the issue. We like to match the expectation of lasting quality with our installation with the right replacement window. We have 20 years of confidence working on your side to give you your moneys worth. With experience gained comes knowledge in the design that your home can benefit from a specific style. If you have a picture window in place now and for some reason the view of your neighbors backyard isn't appealing then a double hung might work better. We will present to you with every consultation the most up to date and modern windows with features like cleaning the outside glass from the inside and blinds in between the glass panels.

Burnsville Replacement Windows

money very well spent

Dave and Lisa Dyer

 Vinyl Replacement Windows

Premium vinyl replacement windows installed by Showcase Builders will give your Burnsville, MN home the curb appeal you've been looking for. Endless varieties of colors and styles brings the individual style to make your home stand out in the neighborhood. Vinyl windows continue to grow in popularity for new homes and remodels. Part of the reason is that it's cheaper than wood and takes less time to install. The price is important to people but being that it has lower maintenance is the real appeal. Wood requires the time and money investment for routine painting and most people won't look to that option. Our great relationship with the major manufacturers gives us the ability to fully customize the perfect style and stay within your budget. Although seeing your new window complete the exterior look, it's important to present the functionality as well. Enjoying an evening summer breeze or allowing more natural light into a room is just some of the advantages. Not only can a new welcome welcome the outdoor space whether it's a deck or patio but also it can have a major impact on the interior room as well. If it's the size or style of your current window, your room might not get the full benefit.  Working with us goes beyond just the window as we help with hardware and accessories needed to complete the full scale project to meet your needs.